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In 1998, with the privatization of Telebrás, Telefónica, integrated in several consortiums, gained control of the fixed telephony operator of Sao Paulo (TelESP) and of several mobile operators, such as those of Rio de Janeiro (TelERJ) or Rio Grande do Sul (CRT).

During its international expansion, Telefónica Móviles’ businesses around the world followed a disparate branding policy, and in each territory the multinational combined the brands of the absorbed operators with the signatures “Telefónica”, “Movistar” or both, although in some territories it directly dispensed with the local brands and implemented its own.

From its inception, the Movistar brand logo was presented as an annex to the Telefónica logo, which represented the letter “T” formed by several dots. Moviline had a very similar image that reflected its belonging to the same business group. The “i” of the word Movistar was distinguished by a golden star at the point of the spelling.

On April 5, 2005, due to the boom of mobile telephony, Movistar presented its first own logo independent of the Telefónica brand. A particular version of the letter “M” in lime green and with three-dimensional effects that seemed to give volume. The characteristic colors of the brand continued to be lime green and blue, inherited from its parent company Telefónica.

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Since then, the company has taken giant steps towards its technological transformation with capitalizations and millionaire investments that have also implied a change in the shareholding composition. Since 2012, Telefónica has been the majority shareholder, with 67.5 percent of the shares, while the Nation participates with 32.5 percent. Today the company offers fixed and mobile telephony, digital television and broadband services, and although its corporate name is still Colombia Telecomunicaciones, it is better known by its brand Telefónica Movistar.

In terms of equity, it has ambitious goals: by 2020 it plans for women to hold 30 percent of management positions. Today they have a lower participation, despite the fact that they represent 49 percent of the total number of employees in the country. To achieve this, the company is working on women’s empowerment issues and is participating in the Equipares initiative, a tool to eliminate gender gaps in the labor market.

The company was ordered by an arbitration court to pay 1.6 billion pesos to resolve a long-standing dispute over the reversion of assets of the cellular telephone companies to the nation. Fabián Hernández emphatically assures that this is a dispute filed by a shareholder of Colombia Telecomunicaciones.

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Movistar (pronunciación en español: [moβisˈtaɾ]) es un importante proveedor de telecomunicaciones, propiedad de Telefónica, que opera en España y en los países hispanoamericanos[1]. Es el mayor proveedor de telefonía fija, banda ancha, servicios móviles y televisión de pago (Movistar+) en España[2].

La marca Movistar se utiliza en España desde el lanzamiento de los servicios GSM en 1995. El nombre se hizo efectivo en todo el mundo el 5 de abril de 2005, después de que Telefónica comprara la rama de operaciones móviles de BellSouth en Sudamérica[3] Tras la compra de O2 en 2005 por parte de Telefónica, la compañía anunció que la marca “O2” seguiría utilizándose en el Reino Unido y Alemania, como una rama separada con su propio consejo y estructura de gestión. Desde 2011, Telefónica patrocina una escuadra UCI ProTeam en ciclismo bajo el nombre de Movistar Team[4].

La canción de 1983 “Walking on Sunshine” de Katrina and the Waves fue utilizada por Telefónica para anunciar la unificación de todas sus marcas de operación (Telefónica MoviStar, Bellsouth, Unifon, Telefónica Moviles, Telefónica Movil, Movicom) en Latinoamérica y España bajo la marca Movistar tras la adquisición de la división latinoamericana de BellSouth. Movistar también ha utilizado el éxito de los New Radicals “You Get What You Give”, “Two Princes” de Spin Doctors y actualmente “Hey, Soul Sister” de Train, y otras versiones de la canción, en la publicidad audiovisual.

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Movistar Colombia, a company that leads the digital and technological transformation of the country, confirms that in 2021 52% of its customers were part of its digital ecosystem and projects that by the end of 2022 it will reach 68% of digital users, thus demonstrating its commitment to the digitization of the country and adding actions to contribute to the care of the environment.

Telefónica Colombia and the investment firm KKR, after receiving the corresponding regulatory authorizations, closed the transaction by virtue of which an independent company is formed that will be responsible for deploying the largest neutral fiber to the home (FTTH) network in Colombia, from which all operators in the market will be able to benefit.

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